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To Our Incredible Community:

When i launched this company 3 years ago my number 1 goal was to create a unique and inclusive program that allows chefs to step out of their comfort zones, push their boundaries and express their creative freedom. As a chef myself, i know how difficult this industry can be which is what inspired me to create a company like UFG. During our first 2 years we put our brains to work, got creative and traveled across our beautiful province to network with hundreds of talented chefs which led to many amazing events.

However, it wasn't until December 2020 where we were offered a life changing opportunity by Perimeter Development. When we moved to Downtown Kitchener we were nothing but a small yet fearless team with no real idea what to expect.We didn't know if a program like ours belonged in a brick & mortar establishment in the heart of Downtown Kitchener. Especially during a pandemic.We never expected to receive 10+ awards and have 10+ features in newspapers, magazines & television.

Kitchener, you made us feel at home so quick. You embraced our crazy ideas, supported them and pushed us forward to continue creating some real culinary magic. More importantly, you supported all the chefs that were brought in. Many of which now have their own brick & mortar establishments because YOU made them feel welcomed and successful!And for that we couldn't be anymore grateful.What a journey it has been!

Over the past 18 months, our 305 King St location has become more of a home to us than our actual houses have. You allowed us + hundreds of other chefs to discover ourselves, showcase who we are & express some amazing talent. It's been the most humbling experience.Thank you Downtown Kitchener for making us at home.

This leads me to the heart breaking decision of wrapping up our services at 305 King st. Our work here is done. The last 18 months will be something that will forever sit in our hearts and memory books and hope it does for you too! Let's remember all of the amazing chefs, events and good food that came out of this building!

Thank you to our amazing community for the endless support. Thank you to Perimeter Development for the incredible opportunity. Thank you to the DTK BIA for all your help but not only for us but for all restaurants downtown. Thank you to all the chefs who trusted us, joined us and helped push this amazing program further.Thank you to the entire UFG team (past + present) for being apart of an ever-changing concept.

This doesn't mean it's over for UFG! We will be around all summer offering our private caterings and will be broadcasting season 1 of Top Chef KW on TV (Don't worry, Top Chef KW will be back in 2023!). We will also be coming back bigger, better & stronger in Autumn 2022 with some new concepts in a new home. Please continue to follow us as we still have lots in the works!

305 KING ST. You will always be home to us. Join us for our final event on Saturday June 4th 2022.


Arnold Yescas
Founder & Director
Underground Flavour Group

Welcome to the Underground...
Underground Flavour Group is about experimental dining, culinary collaborations and revolutionising the hospitality culture. Our organisation offers luxurious, intimate, themed culinary events + caterings.

Our program provides a variety of cuisines, menus & events curated by some of the top emerging chefs in Ontario, Canada. We give our chefs a blank canvas to go above and beyond their culinary comfort zones to create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Uniting our beautiful province's culinary community is customary at UFG. We strive to keep building a stronger bond between you and the chefs through the beauty of food.

At UFG, we believe that great creativity, synergy and success comes when chefs are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and be challenged in new ways. We're dedicated to continue pushing for more collaboration, entrepreneurship and team work within the hospitality community.

2021 Gold in Best International (Kitchener)
2021 Top Pick in Best Takeout (Kitchener)
2021 Top Pick in Best Fine Dining (Kitchener)
2021 FoxQuilt Community Award Nominee (Toronto)
2021 Community Edition Best New Restaurant (Kitchener)

Long Live The Culinary Revolution!
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