Chef Arielle & Chef Pedro
Executive Chef & Kitchen Team Lead at Google

Waterloo, Ontario.

Introducing Chef Arielle & Chef Pedro! These two amazing chefs have teamed up to offer their services as a duo package.

Chef Arielle was born in Trinidad & Tobago and is now the current Executive Chef at Google in Kitchener. Graduating from the culinary program at Niagara College, Chef Arielle has mastered her Caribbean roots and has great experience in international cuisine. Chef Arielle's food is not shy of flavours, spices and creativity. No matter what culture you're from, we gurantee that she can bring you back home with her food.

Chef Pedro is a Nicaraguan born chef who also lived and trained in Mexico. Currently the Kitchen Team Lead at Google in Kitchener, Chef Pedro has a great palate for the Latin American cuisine along with international dishes. Graduating from Conestoga College in Kitchener, Chef Pedro adds his culture, creativity and finesse into every dish he presents.

This incredible chef duo has such a great resume of cultures and cuisines. We can guarantee you that each bite will be full of bold mind blowing flavours. Chef Arielle & Chef Pedro have serveral packages for you to choose from such as a variety of Caribbean fusion dinners, cajun packages and fresh empanadas!

*Offered in the Waterloo Region