Chef Jannell Lo

Chef Jannell Lo
Chef of My BF Is GF

Kitchener, Ontario.

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Introducing Chef Jannell Lo of My BF Is GF from Kitchener. Jannell is a talented, motivated and creative chef who specializes in gluten free East and Southeast Asian cuisine! Jannell is also the hands, heart and brains behind the amazing Monty's Dining Series! Chef Jannell has 9 years of training in the hospitality industry with experience in both front of house and back of house. Jannell's resume carries a wide range of culinary experience in restaurants, catering companies and start up food businesses. Chef Jannell has trained in several large cities such as Hong Kong, Toronto, Montreal & Kitchener.

With an open flexibility, Chef Jannell offers her private catering services in the Waterloo Region. As a traveling Chef, Jannell is no stranger to being out of her comfort zone as she dives into every experience ready to adapt to a new environment. With a strong gung-ho mentality, Jannell doesn't let the fear of failure take over. Chef Jannell has great experience in being a private chef, she's hosted many private dinners in clients home and has also taught private, in-person cooking classes as well. Jannell's dinners are a very intimate experience and offer a great connection between the diner and the chef.

As mentioned above, Chef Jannell is the founder of MyBfisGF which is the platform behind the amazing "Monty's Dining" which is an intimate in home pop up dinner experience fully created and executed by Chef Jannell. It should come as no suprise that with Jannell's experience, she's become a master of her craft. Chef Jannell approaches every allergy and dietary restriction with the mentality of being able to make adjustments. We're excited and honoured to have Chef Jannell join our culinary collective and be apart of our movement.

 Welcome to the squad Jannell!