Chef Jaret Flannigan
Head Chef at Imperial Market & Eatery

Kitchener, Ontario.

Introducing Chef Jaret Flannigan. Chef Jaret is an outgoing, personable and fun loving individual and chef. Born in Canada with an Irish descent, Jaret would grow up to be passionate about food, music, art and photography. Chef Jaret began his journey of becoming a culinary mastermind as soon as he was old enough to hold a mixing spoon. Always being in the kitchen as a child, Jaret eventually graduated from the culinary program at George Brown College in 2004. After graduating, Chef Jaret would then move on to start his apprenticeship at Charcoal Steakhouse in Kitchener. With odd jobs in between, he started his management career at The Bauer Kitchen then went on to become the head chef in establishments such as Borealis, Del Dente, Charcoal Steakhouse, Smoke N Soul Group, Wooly Pub which has now brought him to become the head chef at Imperial Market & Eatery. Chef Jaret is also now currently a partial load professor for the culinary program at Conestoga College.

Chef Jaret has become very comfortable in the French, Itialian, Irish and the southern cuisine over the years and offers his private chef services in the Waterloo Region & Wellington County. Chef Jaret is no stranger to being outside of his comfort zone and uses his 18 years of experience to excel in high pressure situations. Out of the 18 years of experience, 12 of those years Chef Jaret was in management. When it comes to coordinating an event.. Jaret knows all the ins and outs! Chef Jaret is open to all reasonable allerigies and dietary restrictions and will use his red seal grade expertise to adjust all menu changes accordingly to the satisfaction of the guest. We're excited to have Chef Jaret apart of our culinary collective and be a major step in our culinary movement. Welcome Chef!