At-Home Carne Asada Feast


There's a reason why Carne Asada is so popular and loved in Latin America and beyond! The savory, citrus & spice from the beef marinade paired with the fresh vegetables, fried cheese and rice will make any mouth water. Luckily for you, you now can enjoy this incredible feast in the comfort of your own home. Introducing Carnita Cravings ~ A Traditional Carne Asada Feast. As a Nicaraguan born Chef, I can offer you a 3 course carnita package which includes several appetizers for you to choose from, 2 different carnita entrees & desserts that all pair so well together.

How does it work?
It's easy! You simply request a date, choose your menu, we come and cook it for you and your group, we use our own dishes & pans. We do all the work and you do all the eating! This package can be purchased as individual plating or buffet style!

Appetizers (Choose 1)
- "South Western Chickpea Salad"
Marinated Chickpea & Black beans / Fresh vegetables / Avocado / Manchego / Jalapeno Lime Dressing
- "Sopa De Chicharron"
    Achiote Broth / Pork Crackling / Avocado Crema

- "Frituras De Malanga" (3 Per Person)
Taro Root Fritters / Lime Dip


- "Carne Asada #1"
Marinated Beef / Fried Rice & Beans / Queso Frito / Fried Plantain / Avocado Salsa / Cabbage
- "Carne Asada #2"
Marinated Beef / Spanish Polenta / Charred Green Tomato Salsa / Burnt Habanero Dressing
* Sub out Beef for jackfruit for either dish to enjoy a vegetarian version!

- "Tres Leches"
Rum Soaked Cherries / Pink Peppercorn Chocolate / Chantilly
- "Flan"
Caramel Custard / Cardamom Steamed Milk 
- "Yucca Beignets"
Soft Fried Yucca Doughnuts / Cheese Stuffing / Clove Caramel