Caribbean + Indian Fusion


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Option A
Curry Tabanca (Family Style)


Spicy, tangy fruit salad with your choice of fruit that will keep you salivating

Channa & Aloo

  A delicious mix of curried chickpeas and Potato

Curry Chicken or Shrimp

Marinated in a blend of fresh herbs & garlic, then braised with the most authentic caribbean curry spices

 “Buss up Shot” 

Soft, buttery and tender roti that’s made to look like a torn shirt from the layers created with butter in between

 Mother In Law

Spicy Hot Pepper Relish 


Dense Milk Based Indian Sweet

Option B (Plated or Family Style)

Goat or Vegetarian

Saheena with condiments

Spinach fritter with tamarind and granny smith apple chutney

Steamed Rice

Basmati rice cooked to perfection to absorb any accompaniment

Trini Dhal

Split Peas cooked with geera & turmeric then chunkayed with roast garlic

Spicy Curried Goat OR Black cumin spiced vegetables

Goat marinated for hours then cooked in aromatic spices

A mix of delicious vegetables spiced with roasted black cumin and cooked to perfection

Garden Salad

A mixture of greens dressed with a little lime juice to accompany your meal


Ginger spiced fried dough sticks in sugary cardamom glaze