Fancy Fusion Brunch
Chef Vyankatesh Puranik


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This brunch menu is designed for family style and you can choose as many courses as you want.
Starting point is $50 for one course and an additional $30 for any other courses of your choice!

Includes two types of chutney and sambar [spiced lentil broth], gunpowder [lentil and spice blend] also
includes rice hoppers.

Includes fried and poached egg with freshly baked bread , assorted butters, cheese and marmalade . Eggs
are two large eggs and toast to order and home fries.
Eggs Benny [two eggs poached with marinated tofu and jalapeno hollandaise served on home made
crumpet and home fries.

Includes Berry compote, maple syrup and sweet mascarpone cream.
Savoury tomato and beetroot chickpea flour pancake [gluten free] served with coconut chutney and dill
curry ranch.

Includes 4 pcs [2 ounce each] dhokla served with coconut and coriander chutney, spiced carrot slaw and
raw mango pickle.

Toppings include onion, tomato, lettuce, pickled cucumber, chilli butter, coriander chutney dip, chipotle butter, tofu cake, potato cake, lentil cake, beetroot cake.
*Toppings can be modified as per guest needs.

Its a take on the traditional taco using rice pancke as a taco.
Includes tofu, tempeh, seitan, potato cake, lentil cake, polenta.
Toppings include pico de gallo, guacamole, tomatillo salsa, mint crema, spiced feta, fried garlic, crisp taro.

- Caesar Salad [romaine, grano padano, soft boiled egg, cesar dressing, olive crostini, crispy lentil]
- Cobb salad [Iceberg Lettuce, dill buttermilk ranch, crispy chickpea, tomato, pickled shallot, parsley, focaccia croutons]
- Greek Salad [spring mix, cucumber, tomato, crushed olives, spiced feta, sherry dressing, burnt honey
watermelon rind marmalade]
- Charred Tofu with grilled vegetable Piri piri sauce, crushed potato and ginger butter glaze.
- Potato Salad [mini reds,smoked mustard, aioli base, parsley, tarragon, cider vinegar, chopped boiled egg.
- Quinoa Salad [red quinoa, roasted yam, spiced taro, roasted pepper, harissa vinaigrette, parsley]
-Home made pita and dips [green goddess, whipped ricotta, hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, chilli
peanut dip, guacamole, roasted garlic labneh]