Latin American & Caribbean Tapas


Welcome to my Latin American & Caribbean Tapas Party!
Through my tapas package you'll be able to choose 5 out of the 10 tapas options on my menu. I will cook it for you and your guests in the comfort of your own home, clean and leave your kitchen sparkling clean as if no one was there! Each dish represents a popular street food item from a specefic country within Central America & The Caribbean

"Garnaches" (Belize)
Corn Tortilla / Pickled Root Vegetables / Refried Beans / Queso
"Frituras De Malanga" (Cuba)
Taro Root Fritters / Lime Aioili 
"Rellenitos" (Guatemala)
Sweet Plantain / Refried Beans / Sugar & Spices
"Peppered Shrimp" (Jamaica)
Whole Shrimp Boiled In Spices / Scotch Bonnet Vinaigrette
"Mango Verde" (El Salvador) 
Salted Mango Twists / Pico De Gallo / Chilli Powder / Lime
"Conch Salad" (Bahamas)
Fresh & Juicy Conch / Hot & Spicy Dressing 
"Baleadas" (Honduras)
Corn Tortilla / Refried Beans / Sour Cream / Queso
"Pholourie" (Trinidad) 
Fried Spicy Split Pea Dough / Tamarind Chutney
"Vigoron" (Nicaragua)
Yucca / Cabbage / Chicharron 
"Tablet Cocoye" (Haiti)
Coconut / Condensed Milk / Cinnamon / Ginger