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Underground Flavour Group not as covert as it sounds: Andrew Coppolino

The Underground Flavour Group in downtown Kitchener, Ont. (Andrew Coppolino/CBC).

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Dining: Ghost kitchen revolution underway in Kitchener

Alex Bielak is a well-reputed food, drink and travel writer & photographer whose work - including interviews with some of Canada’s leading chefs like Susur Lee + Jason Bangerter, featured in various Canadian and Overseas Media.

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Savour the flavour: Waterloo Region founder of Underground Flavour Group has been at it since age 15

UFG is based in the former Gilt Restaurant Bar and Lounge in Kitchener and opened earlier this week, writes Andrew Coppolino.

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Kitchener's new pop-up restaurant spotlights local chefs, vendors

A pop-up restaurant in Kitchener is hosting chefs from across the region (Tegan Versolatto / CTV News Kitchener)

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