The Pulao Gals

The Pulao Gals
Pop-up Lunch & Dinner


Being a popular dinner and way of celebration for many South Asians growing up, pulao quickly became a favourite for the Mya family. Our matriarch and head cook, Shahgul, is a woman of no fear and endless amounts of love to give. She grew up with 5 brothers and 2 sisters of her own, learning how to cook from her mom, back in Northern Pakistan.

One immigration to Canada, 2 sons and 5 daughters later, she's still looking for mouths to feed! With the help of her daughter Zerka, the idea of TPG was born.

We proudly come from a culture where hospitality is in our blood. The pair of us truly love to cook and serve others. Growing up, family dinners and celebrating with well-loved food, were key to growth and embracing our Pashtun culture, within our home here in Canada.

With TPG, we have this opportunity to do what we love, mix it with the techniques we have amassed both here and there, and share it with the community that we call home.

Make pulao a tradition in your home!