The Underground

Welcome to the Underground.
Underground Flavour Group is about experimental dining. Our luxurious, intimate, themed culinary events feature a variety of cuisines and menus curated by some of the top emerging chefs in Ontario, Canada. We give our chefs a blank canvas to go above and beyond their culinary comfort zones to create unforgettable dining experiences that leave a lasting impression. Uniting our beautiful province's culinary communities is customary at Underground Flavour Group. We strive to keep building a stronger bond between you and the chefs through the beauty of food. At UFG, we believe that great creativity, synergy and success comes when chefs are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and be challenged in new ways. We are dedicated to connecting you to the perfect chef to provide you all of your dining needs.

Join us as we travel across Ontario to build a culinary culture & Redefine Catering! 
Eat - Drink - Community